Film Financing

Raising money for entertainment productions is one of the biggest obstacles in bringing an idea to the screen. ETHAN Y. BORDMAN, PLLC can assist with the financial and legal details, allowing you to focus on the quality and creativity of your production.

State film incentives
There are more than 40 states that offer financial incentives for motion picture, TV, and interactive media productions.  We can help identify the most advantageous arrangement for your production.

Private equity investing
Raising money to finance your production is one of the most complex challenges you will face.  We can help you navigate the numerous securities laws involved in securing capital for your project.

Contract Negotiation and Drafting

From script to screen, ETHAN Y. BORDMAN, PLLC provides legal guidance and insight for every aspect of your production.

Every project begins with an idea and the writer’s expression of it.  We can work with you to ensure that your expression is properly protected.

We offer assistance and guidance to producers with regard to the necessary contracts and legal documents, including those from the unions (SAG, AFTRA).

We represent directors in contract negotiations, helping to identify and protect their creative and business interests.

We work with a variety of talent — including actors, models and musicians — to protect their creative interests.