Script to Screen: The Legal Challenges of Creating a Film

Online Course by Ethan Bordman

Attorneys who represent producers, directors and screenwriters must be well versed in many areas of the law in order to best protect their clients’ financial and creative interests.  Join entertainment lawyer Ethan Bordman for this comprehensive presentation on the various legal challenges that arise throughout the film development process, from the origination of an idea to the distribution of the resulting film. Topics of discussion include what is copyrightable, essential production contract terms, negotiation tips for optioning a project, as well as state and federal tax incentives which can aid in the financing of a film production.  In addition, Mr. Bordman sheds light on the legal advantages and disadvantages of using union production crews, and provides guidance on selecting and working with distributors. Also, don’t miss his interesting discussion of the “Son of Sam” laws on profiting from crimes, as well as celebrity lawsuits stemming from the absence of written contracts. This program will teach you how to best advocate for your film industry clients throughout each level of the film development cycle.

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